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We Need Your Help!


We need your help to put the finishing touches to our latest Fulldome show, We Are Aliens!

For those of you who have seen We Are Astronomers you will be familiar with the little red, square headed “2.0” characters, see them here for those that are un-familiar


And here is a never before seen video of the lovely people we filmed to capture the voices in We Are Astronomers


Well, the 2.0’s are making a re-appearance but this time we want to give it an international flavour.

We would like contributors from around the world to send us their response to the question “Are we alone?” we need the response to be in English but with an international accent, native English speakers are also welcome.

We do have a place holder script which shows the durations we need, they can’t be any longer than a sentence. If you would rather just record what we have and then maybe add a few of your own answers that would be welcome, script here:

We have no idea how many responses (if any!?) we will get so if we get lots we will do a fun video after the film is launched containing as many as possible. Those that we select for the film will receive a credit and our eternal love and thanks!

The deadline for this is very tight, we need any responses by the 2 October 2012 for inclusion in the film but any late responses will hopefully be used in our fun follow-on short film.

We don’t need video just audio but if it is easier to film it then that is fine! The quality doesn’t have to be perfect, ideally no background noise but if all you have to hand is a smartphone that will do the job. If you have some fancy kit then you can send them as WAV files, 24bit 48k but mp3/aac etc is fine. You can email, dropbox, sound cloud, vimeo, youtube your clips, whatever is easiest for you, the important thing is that they are good and we get them asap!

All submissions must be accompanied by a signed release from everyone who is featured in the audio clip. You can grab a copy here

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in an NSC Creative dome film, spread the word and get involved!

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in-touch via email, Facebook or Twitter.



We Are Aliens! Concept Art


We’ve got a fabulous treat in store for you! In advance of the release of the hotly anticipated We Are Aliens! we’ve decided to share some of the out-of-this-world concept art from the show. We hope you like it!

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We Are Aliens! 360' Fulldome 2D and 3D digital planetarium show available NOW!