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The ‘Making of’…


After months of intense work on We Are Aliens! we finally premiered the finished 2D Fulldome version of the show at the National Space Centre on 10 October 2012.

For every show we make we go through an extensive production process, from carefully deciding which scenes to include and then building every last object inside the computer so it can be rendered for all to see.

We’ve took shots from three scenes to give you an insiders look into the making of We Are Aliens! They cover various stages of production from storyboarding and concept art through to layout and final renders. Be sure to make each gallery full-screen to see all the details. If you head over to our Flickr page you can even download the 4k files (navigate to the original quality image) and see even more detail or put them up on your dome to experience them in all their immersive glory!

Meet our Narrator…


Rupert Grint is the the fabulous narrator for We Are Aliens! The shows Producer, Paul Mowbray and Director, Max Crow went to London to record the audio with Rupert and one of the shows 3.0 characters.

The photo below, which was taken at the recording studio, shows them hard at work!



We Are Aliens! Concept Art


We’ve got a fabulous treat in store for you! In advance of the release of the hotly anticipated We Are Aliens! we’ve decided to share some of the out-of-this-world concept art from the show. We hope you like it!

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