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The second teaser trailer for We Are Aliens! features an excerpt from our Mars sequence. Our rover is called Exo-Falcon and is a speculative future international mission which will search for life on Mars. It is heavily inspired by Curiosity and it’s awesome landing sequence but Exo-Falcon features a drill so it can dig beneath the surface of Mars looking for microbial life.

As We Are Aliens! is a 360° Fulldome digital planetarium show the 16×9 version above looks a bit odd in places as it was adapted from the original fisheye imagery. You can watch it in it’s original 360° format below, don’t forget to go fullscreen and HD to see it in all it’s glory!

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The maximum resolution you are seeing here is actually just a quarter of the full resolution that the film is produced at (4096×4096 pixels). This massive resolution is required to fill the giant canvas of the digital planetarium. The animation team at NSC Creative are currently slaving away to get the 25 minute film ready for launch later this year. The finished show will feature extreme environments on Earth, a trip to the oceans of Europa, how we are discovering Exoplanets and what this all means to the eternal question, are we alone?

We are creating this film in Fulldome 3D, one of the first films in the world to be made in this format. You can check out the 3D versions of the teaser over on our YouTube channel by following the links below and grabbing your 3D glasses!

Watch Teaser 16×9 3D on YouTube

Watch Teaser Fulldome 3D on YouTube

The original music for this teaser is composed by Rhian Sheehan. The New Zealand based composer also scored our award-winning planetarium film We Are Astronomers. We are really excited to hear what he comes up with for the rest of We Are Aliens!

We will be posting Mirror Dome movie files in 2D and 3D to download shortly and maybe the 4k fisheye sequences if we can find an efficient way to share them (suggestions welcome?!)

We wish Curiosity the best of luck with its mission and hope you enjoy our interpretation of future Mars exploration!

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  1. Dave Pentecost
    Dave Pentecost08-06-2012

    Perfect timing for the opening of our East Village Planetarium in December! Looking forward to showing this and other great NSC productions. Shout out to Paul from Jenny, Renee, and the Girls Club team!

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